Chaplaincy Ministry

As a chaplain I am a midwife of the soul. I have to be careful of the process, for if the process is not taken with much care it can bring death to the baby and mother. People are afraid of the labor ward, since the process is painful.  However, safe delivery can only take place in the labor ward, where we take care the babies/mothers.

We need to listen and not only listen but hear what others have to say. Most of the time we miss to hear the pain of others because we talk too much. When I want to talk about our pain, but you have things to tell about your experience, so you miss what I am saying.

My goal is to offer a crying shoulder, remembering it is not about me, but the birth giver.

My job is to be a midwifery of the soul. Kindly, lets’ walk together to the labor ward for no one should suffer alone or walk alone.

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