Behavioral Health Support Ministry

Act as a state licensed crisis response resource and advisor to the Bishop’s council.

¨ Work in coordination with the church leadership, as needed, in clinical, social, and spiritual consulting, and program development roles.

¨ Provide consultations as needed to those seeking information about Behavioral health issues or relationship problems in themselves or others.

¨ Perform assessments that include diagnostic interviewing, referrals for testing, and treatment planning.

¨ Provide individual, pre-marital, marital, family, and group counseling, as needed through private practice consultation and referrals to community resources.

¨ Provide ministers and lay leaders with professional oversight, leadership and resourcing in matters pertaining to ministry engagement with those faced with behavioral health challenges in issues such as parenting, addiction, divorce, child abuse, domestic violence, mental illness, incarceration, and grief.

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